Myrtle Beach Golf Report Podcast, Episode 4: PGA TOUR Coming to the Beach, PGA Championship Recap, Block Mania

They’re back! The podcast boys (David Williams, Ben Dunn and Dylan Hoffman) are in the studio for a lively recap of Myrtle Beach and national golf news, including the PGA TOUR’s announcement of the 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic at The Dunes Golf & Beach Club and an exciting four days in Oak Hill for the PGA Championship. They’ve also got a take or two on club pro Michael Block, the 2014 winner of the PGA Professional Championship in Myrtle Beach whose Cinderella story at Oak Hill stole the show and remains a hot topic. You don’t want to miss this one!



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David Williams (00:07):

All right, everybody. And welcome back to the Myrtle Beach Golf Report. We are back again with another episode, a special edition.


This time, as always, I am joined by Ben and Dylan. Gentlemen, how are we?

Ben Dunn (00:20):

Doing well.

Dylan Hoffman (00:20):


Ben Dunn (00:21):

A little tired.

Dylan Hoffman (00:21):


Ben Dunn (00:21):

You know, it’s been a long week, but [inaudible 00:00:23].

David Williams (00:23):

I was going to say, you guys have been busy recently, haven’t you?

Dylan Hoffman (00:25):

A little bit. It’s a good time though. Yeah. Yeah.

Ben Dunn (00:26):

Great success this week.

Dylan Hoffman (00:28):

Ready for the weekend.

David Williams (00:28):

Great success?

Ben Dunn (00:29):

Yeah. Great success of the Vets Classic.

David Williams (00:31):

How many players did you guys have?

Dylan Hoffman (00:31):


Ben Dunn (00:31):

Just short of 900.

Dylan Hoffman (00:31):


Ben Dunn (00:35):

Yeah. Eight flights. Yeah, it’s quite the time.

Dylan Hoffman (00:37):

18 courses. I mean, it was a good time. Yeah.

David Williams (00:39):

Good lord. That’s a lot.

Dylan Hoffman (00:41):


David Williams (00:41):

That’s a lot.

Ben Dunn (00:42):

I think that number’s accurate. I don’t know.

Dylan Hoffman (00:43):

Scrolling. Yeah, accurate. It’s like a 870 was the exact number I think.

Ben Dunn (00:46):

Not on other courses.

Dylan Hoffman (00:47):

Always round up.

David Williams (00:48):

Nothing’s factual anymore …

Dylan Hoffman (00:49):

But no, it was good. It was good.

David Williams (00:52):

Like I said guys, this is going to be a special edition to Myrtle Beach Golf Report. It’s going to be a little different. So what, in fact, we’re actually just going to start off and get our ad read out of the way. This week’s sponsor is Sea Trail. I believe both of you have probably been to Sea Trail at least once.

Dylan Hoffman (01:06):

I have.

Ben Dunn (01:06):

It’s been a while, but yeah, I have.

Dylan Hoffman (01:06):

I haven’t played it, but I’ve been there.

David Williams (01:06):

Sea Trail is 54 holes, right? Yeah, 54-hole facility.

Ben Dunn (01:12):

Three 18’s.

David Williams (01:14):

What is it? Byrd, Jones,Maples.

Dylan Hoffman (01:16):


David Williams (01:17):

Located just across the South Carolina/North Carolina state border. Fantastic place to stay and play. They’re actually going to be making a lot of upgrades here recently. I was actually looking for the article this morning. Couldn’t find it, but it’s somewhere. So a lot of new upgrades. I think new owners actually, I believe.

Dylan Hoffman (01:43):

Nice. That’ll be good.

David Williams (01:44):

Sea Trail. It’s a perfect option for a stay and play. It’s right up there located in like Calabash, Sunset Beach area. Bunch of different restaurants you can go visit before or after your round, so if you’re looking to get a quote or just book a single tee time, head over to URL is right here. Vanna White is back. You know the funny thing about…

Ben Dunn (02:14):

She’s local, too. Friend of the show.

Dylan Hoffman (02:14):


David Williams (02:14):

That’s what I was going to say.

Dylan Hoffman (02:14):

North Myrtle Beach.

David Williams (02:14):

The funny thing about Vanna White is that she’s from North Myrtle.

Dylan Hoffman (02:15):


David Williams (02:16):

And that’s where the song [inaudible 00:02:17]

Dylan Hoffman (02:16):

That’s why we do.

Ben Dunn (02:17):

And to make matters [inaudible 00:02:18] Sajak lives where I grew up, so I’m just surrounded by Wheel of Fortune.

David Williams (02:22):

Yeah, so like I say…

Ben Dunn (02:23):

That’s fun fact of the day.

David Williams (02:25):

So like I said, guys, this show’s going to be a little different. I actually want to start out with a trivia question for you guys. I kind of hinted at it when you both got into the office this morning. I haven’t told you. This is actually, I actually got it last night from a friend of the program. Salty.

Ben Dunn (02:39):


Dylan Hoffman (02:42):

Oh. He was on our last show, man.

David Williams (02:42):

He texted me, let me pull it up. He texted me and said, why he texted me this. I don’t know, but this is the trivia question for you.

Dylan Hoffman (02:50):


Ben Dunn (02:50):


David Williams (02:50):

He said, “Hey David, random question, what is the newest golf course in Myrtle Beach?”

Dylan Hoffman (02:58):

When you say that, you mean like built from the ground up?

David Williams (03:01):

Built from the ground up, brand new golf course in Myrtle Beach.

Dylan Hoffman (03:04):

I’m going to have to thank for a second.

David Williams (03:05):

I confirmed his answer this morning.

Dylan Hoffman (03:12):

I will go Thistle.

David Williams (03:17):

You sure about that?

Dylan Hoffman (03:18):

Not at all, but…

David Williams (03:19):


Ben Dunn (03:21):

Long Bay.

David Williams (03:22):

Okay. Did the direction was right. Leopard’s Chase, 2007.

Ben Dunn (03:28):


David Williams (03:29):


Dylan Hoffman (03:30):

I was just there the other day.

Ben Dunn (03:31):

Is that their, how many of they have there? Four?

David Williams (03:33):


Ben Dunn (03:34):

They have four, so that was their fourth course.

David Williams (03:35):

Yeah, that was their fourth and final golf course. So.

Ben Dunn (03:37):


Dylan Hoffman (03:38):

Sounds like hogwash to me, man. I think…

Ben Dunn (03:40):

You know what, that makes a lot of sense.

David Williams (03:41):

I have a spreadsheet that literally has…

Dylan Hoffman (03:43):

I think the facility though, the Ocean Ridge, when was it built?

Ben Dunn (03:47):

But it’s not a part of [inaudible 00:03:48]

Dylan Hoffman (03:48):

Sounds like a trick question man.

Ben Dunn (03:49):

It’s not under the same clubhouse.

Dylan Hoffman (03:49):

That’s a trick question. I don’t like it.

Ben Dunn (03:49):

I kind of like it.

David Williams (03:51):

Are you _____ simple minded?

Ben Dunn (03:54):

Here we go. First beep of the special edition episode. We told you it was going to be special.

Dylan Hoffman (03:59):

I like it.

Ben Dunn (04:00):

And I’m talking too close to the mic. All right, we’ll just cut that a little bit. Anyway.

Dylan Hoffman (04:02):

Hogwash, man. I’ll just stick to it [inaudible 00:04:04]

Ben Dunn (04:04):

I think I remember…

David Williams (04:06):

That would be Dylan’s word.

Ben Dunn (04:07):

You could pick up right here. This is a good, I’ll just make it easy for you. You can pick up right here. I think, yeah, I think I remember the only time I’ve played Leopard’s Chase, it was on a golf trip when I was still in high school and it was fairly brand new, the clubhouse, so that makes a lot of sense.

Dylan Hoffman (04:21):

I just played it last year. The course design and stuff. It’s got some rock formations and waterfalls.

David Williams (04:24):

It’s actually one of Dylan’s favorite 18th holes.

Dylan Hoffman (04:28):

It is.

David Williams (04:28):

In the last episode.

Dylan Hoffman (04:28):

It is. It was, yeah.

Ben Dunn (04:29):

Great callback there.

David Williams (04:31):


Dylan Hoffman (04:31):

That’s a fun course. I like that.

David Williams (04:32):

Purely only asked you guys that to get the social clips.

Ben Dunn (04:35):

I mean, that’s a good question actually I hadn’t…

Dylan Hoffman (04:36):

That is a great question.

Ben Dunn (04:37):

No idea.

Dylan Hoffman (04:38):

Yeah, I’d love to know when Thistle was built though. I feel like Thistle can’t be far behind that.

David Williams (04:42):

It’s on that spreadsheet. I’ll share. I’ll share it.

Dylan Hoffman (04:43):


David Williams (04:44):

I’ll find the spreadsheet.

Ben Dunn (04:44):

We’re a clubhouse, huh?

Dylan Hoffman (04:45):

Yeah. Speaking of…

Ben Dunn (04:46):

I just went there for the first time this week and my goodness.

David Williams (04:48):

I was there with you.

Ben Dunn (04:49):

You were. That’s right. I was shocked at how pretty it was.

Dylan Hoffman (04:54):

That was your first time there, right?

Ben Dunn (04:55):

Yeah, I sat for most of the round. I sat in those rocking chairs just looking over the putting green and it was just a beautiful day. I was like, “This is awesome.” But I got the ride around and experience the place.

Dylan Hoffman (05:06):

The greens are some of the best greens in town.

Ben Dunn (05:08):

The layouts looks awesome. I’m really, I got to get up there and play it because it looks awesome. I still the biggest alligator I’ve ever seen there.

David Williams (05:15):


Ben Dunn (05:15):

I mean ever. It was a dinosaur. It was not an alligator.

Dylan Hoffman (05:18):

It’s not one of the courses I would pick.

Ben Dunn (05:20):

I mean, dude.

Dylan Hoffman (05:21):

I know you’re being serious, but…

Ben Dunn (05:22):

It was, yeah, I think I sent a Snapchat to you. Love it. The head alone was probably about two feet long.

David Williams (05:27):

I heard you had an awesome omelet too.

Ben Dunn (05:29):

I did have awesome omelet and they had a new cook too and he just loaded that thing up, man. It was overflowing with goodies.

Dylan Hoffman (05:36):

The food I’ve had at Thistle is probably the best food in town I think from a sit down meal, pre-round, post-round kind of meal. It’s really good.

Ben Dunn (05:45):

The one breakfast I’ve had, 10 out of 10. Yeah, great experience up at Thistle.

Dylan Hoffman (05:48):

We had a Italian buffet at the passport tournament back in February and they had some chicken parm, bake ziti. They do it right up there and they’re good.

David Williams (05:56):

I’m hungry now.

Ben Dunn (05:57):

I love a good Italian buffet after I golf. Remember at True Blue they had pasta and chicken cutlets.

Dylan Hoffman (06:02):

We need to just turn this into a food show. We somehow get started talking about food every time between the hot dogs stand at Myrtlewood to now. It’s just a feature.

David Williams (06:09):

I think we’re what, four minutes in guys and we’re just sitting here talking about food probably.

Dylan Hoffman (06:12):

Yeah. What’s for lunch by the way? You guys going out to eat?

David Williams (06:15):

I don’t know. We can talk about that after.


All right, so anyway, as I alluded guys, it’s actually going to be a special episode. Not going to be any segments or anything like that, but the reason we wanted to sit down and talk to you all, it’s a few weeks removed. We just didn’t have time to get behind the mics and we wanted to get new microphones in as you all can see. The PGA tour is officially coming to Myrtle Beach for the first time ever, starting in 2024 in the form of the Myrtle Beach Classic. It will be held at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club. What were your guys’ kind of first reactions? I know it was probably the worst kept secret in this office at least because we all knew about it.

Dylan Hoffman (06:50):

Yeah, we’ve known about it for a while.

Ben Dunn (06:51):

[inaudible 00:06:53] Facebook.

David Williams (06:52):

What’s kind of, yeah, what’s your first reaction to…

Dylan Hoffman (06:56):


David Williams (06:57):

Yeah, to the announcement?

Dylan Hoffman (06:58):

I would say “finally” is just the first word that comes to mind. I feel like it’s out of anywhere in the country that’s more deserving and more golf crazed, I’m not sure you can really think of a place that… I know we used to have the tour events with the senior tour back at TPC.

Ben Dunn (07:12):

But like a tour tour.

Dylan Hoffman (07:13):

A real tour.

Ben Dunn (07:13):

A PGA TOUR, man.

Dylan Hoffman (07:14):

Yeah, FedEx Cup. It’s legit, man. I think it’s time. I can’t think of a place in the country that is more deserving, like I said, and feel like it’s been a long time coming, for sure.

Ben Dunn (07:23):

I think a lot of players are going to be excited to play in it. I think we’ll see a good field for it because there’s a lot of guys in the, you know, you got to think of all the guys that are in the Carolinas that know about this area. They’ve been here and they’re going to be excited to play in it and even some people who have played in the area here. Our good buddy Akshay who won the DJ here. I mean we see him out there at that, I mean it’s like a home event for him.

Dylan Hoffman (07:45):

He’s kind of one of the names you would expect to see playing that if he… I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins a tour event between now and then, but if he doesn’t, that’s one of the names [inaudible 00:07:54]

Ben Dunn (07:54):

He wouldn’t have to do much course recon. I mean he had three… I’m pretty sure he knows enough about The Dunes Club.

David Williams (07:57):

He just needs to start playing worst golf to make it, I think because I think he’s going to end up being in that top 70.

Dylan Hoffman (08:03):

I would think he would, man.

Ben Dunn (08:03):

I think he’d be too good to play in this event.

David Williams (08:06):

I think finally, Dylan, finally is a really good way to put it. Yeah, I feel like I don’t, oh man, really. It’s kind of hard to put into words. I don’t know why. I think it’s just because it’s the first year of the event. It’s kind of hard for me.

Dylan Hoffman (08:22):

I think we won’t really see the initial feeling of it until it’s actually here and we see the grandstands going up and we see the cameras come in.

Ben Dunn (08:29):

And to me too, I kind of just like the nerdy stuff of it. So to me it’s a match made in heaven, right, because it’s golf. Well, obviously we’re the golf town, golf capital of the world as we claim and we proudly are. And then Dunes Club, great golf course. That area has plenty of room to accommodate the door, the operating. [inaudible 00:08:49]

David Williams (08:49):

And everything they need.

Ben Dunn (08:50):

Big parking lots right there. I mean, I think it’s going to be a flawless tournament probably it’s first time around and I think it’s just a match made in heaven, man.

Dylan Hoffman (09:00):

Going back to what you were saying about the attracting players, the area as a whole, just Myrtle Beach, it’s a good spot to, if you’ve got some young kids, if you’re a tour player out there to get a, I don’t want to say a vacation, but bring your family to have a good time. You’re not bringing them to downtown Charlotte for them to sit in an apartment all weekend.

David Williams (09:16):

Yeah but it’ll kind of be like, and Kelly Jensen from the PGA TOUR who was here at the press conference kind of hinted at this a little bit, but it’s going to be kind of like a Hilton Head feel where it is, you’re not just like you just talked about, you’re not bringing your family and just after you’re done, you’re just going back to your Airbnb or whatever. You’re going to have things to do. Chances are they’ll probably be staying pretty close to the beach, so I’ll assume that they’ll probably go to the beach, especially if it’s somebody, a young family with young kids. I think that’s going to be a pretty big draw. I’m curious to see for sponsors exemptions and stuff like that, et cetera. Who gets to fill those spots? Who is right now out of curiosity?

Dylan Hoffman (09:56):


Ben Dunn (09:57):

It’ll be interesting to see too.

David Williams (09:59):

We’ll get to that.

Ben Dunn (09:59):

It’ll be interesting too to see with, there’s so much stuff to do here. It’ll be kind of cool to see what kind of other events take place along with the tournament. Whether it’s a player making an appearance somewhere or this sponsor party or this. It’s be cool to see what all comes along with it. I think it’s, we’re all saying it’s a great place for it as far as there’s just so much to do. There’s possibilities are endless.

Dylan Hoffman (10:25):

The effect tour tournaments have on cities too that they go to, building off of that, you can do so much in the city itself that has nothing to do with golf.

David Williams (10:33):

And the charitable aspect too.

Dylan Hoffman (10:34):


David Williams (10:35):

The amount of money that actually goes to the charity.

Ben Dunn (10:37):

I think this tournament will be sold, almost sold out with just people in this area because so many people that live here have just wanted something like this for so long. Even when you see some of the smaller things we do, like Monday after the Masters, when there were tickets for that, that thing was crowded and that was nowhere near a PGA TOUR event, right?

David Williams (10:52):

Yeah, correct.

Ben Dunn (10:53):

Just things like that. I think people around here are just itching for that. To get that golf tournament and to get something like that here, I mean even at the Dustin Johnson World Junior, we see a ton of spectators.

David Williams (11:05):

And that’s just junior golf.

Ben Dunn (11:06):

It’s junior golf. So for the PGA TOUR and I think this area alone is going to fill up and sell out that environment because people have just been itching for something like this for so long and I think it’s awesome that it’s coming, finally. Again, it’s just what a great way to describe it. I mean finally here we got something like that.

David Williams (11:26):

Now question, is it for the top 70, is it top Fed 70 in FedEx Cup? Is that who’s going to be exempt into those designated events?

Ben Dunn (11:34):

I think so.

Dylan Hoffman (11:36):

It’s think so, yeah.

Ben Dunn (11:36):

I think it’s just the FedEx Cup.

David Williams (11:37):

I think it would have to be FedEx Cup, right?

Ben Dunn (11:39):


Dylan Hoffman (11:40):

If not, I feel like you’d see the majority of the same guys for two or three years in a row.

Ben Dunn (11:46):

That’s a good point.

David Williams (11:46):

So right now…

Dylan Hoffman (11:47):

It’s hard to drop that far.

David Williams (11:48):

So let’s just say hypothetically speaking right now, some of the names that are below the top 70 mark, you have Cam Davis, JT Poston, Maverick McNealy, Adam Scott, I mean he’ll probably get out of that. Shane Lowry. Justin Thomas is actually 70th on the FedEx Cup list right now, so…

Ben Dunn (12:08):

Oh keep it up JT. We want to see you here.

David Williams (12:10):

But those guys are probably, I assume exempt through passing.

Dylan Hoffman (12:12):

But even a guy like JT…

Ben Dunn (12:13):

Also, they’ll play enough events by the time that rolls around, they’ll be well out of this.

David Williams (12:17):

JT Poston and Maverick McNealy.

Dylan Hoffman (12:18):

Yeah, JT Poston won the Wyndham two years ago. That’s a tour winner that would be coming to town.

Ben Dunn (12:21):

I’ll say Western Carolina University.

Dylan Hoffman (12:23):

Yeah, there you go. That sounds like a prom name to go on the list.

Ben Dunn (12:26):

A guy who would be pumped to have this kind of event here.

Dylan Hoffman (12:29):

Cam Davis, Ryder Cup, right? Was that Ryder Cup he played so well in or…

David Williams (12:31):


Dylan Hoffman (12:33):

Who am I thinking of?

David Williams (12:34):

You’re thinking of Charlotte.

Ben Dunn (12:37):

President’s Cup.

Dylan Hoffman (12:38):

Or President’s Cup. That’s what I’m thinking of. It was Ken.

David Williams (12:40):

Oh yeah, it was because he was Australia.

Dylan Hoffman (12:42):

Matt’s a, yeah, President’s Cup player. Matt’s a good player.

David Williams (12:44):

Yeah, so it’s kind of what I’m most like. Billy Horschel’s 109, Jimmy Walkers 108, that’s a major champion.

Ben Dunn (12:53):

Billy used to come a lot from (Monday After the Masters) so he knows the area well. I’m sure he’ll be excited to come here.

David Williams (12:57):

A past champion of the Hackler tournament. Will Zalatoris is 115. Now granted he’s hurt and so he’ll have medical exemptions. He’ll probably be in the elevated stuff.

Ben Dunn (13:06):

Also you got to think by the time May rolls around next year, some of these guys will have played enough events, they’ll get out of it.

David Williams (13:11):

Or won.

Ben Dunn (13:12):

Yeah, like JT. I mean it’s kind of odd to see JT where he is at this point in the year. I’m sure he’ll play a couple more events and do well and he’ll be well out of that.

David Williams (13:22):

Who’s like a dream corporate, hospitality tent because the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is obviously a big part of this, but who’s like a corporate hospitality, who’s like a dream sponsor. I have one in my mind.

Ben Dunn (13:39):

A little smirky just gave me, I don’t know which way you’re going with yours.

Dylan Hoffman (13:43):

Lead with yours and then we’ll build off of it.

David Williams (13:44):

Mine is Boeing because I’m a big plane nerd. I think it’d be very cool.

Ben Dunn (13:47):

They got their big plane in Charleston.

David Williams (13:49):

Their plant’s just in Charleston and it would be cool if they would, Boeing sponsored the event and then did the flyover with the 787.

Dylan Hoffman (13:56):

That was actually cool. I was in Charleston when that plane took off and was going down to Hilton Head and it was, yeah, pretty cool.

David Williams (14:00):

So that’s like my dream sponsor. Did you guys think I was going to say something like Harley Davidson?

Ben Dunn (14:04):


Dylan Hoffman (14:05):

Or Hooters. Yeah.

David Williams (14:06):

Yeah. I was thinking Hooters. I was like, man, where is this going?

Ben Dunn (14:08):

Bring the Hooter store back.

Dylan Hoffman (14:11):

But no, that’d be cool. I mean we even have even back on Water Tower leading out of Barefoot Pepsi’s coming in. Wouldn’t be surprised to see somebody like a Pepsi or a Coke or somebody jump on?

David Williams (14:20):

Yeah, I think Pepsi’s probably would make the most sense just because they’re up in North Carolina and they’re founded. What New Bern is it, I think.

Dylan Hoffman (14:27):

New Bern. Yeah. Shout out New Bern, pretty cool place.

Ben Dunn (14:31):

Let’s talk about the golf course itself.

Dylan Hoffman (14:34):


Ben Dunn (14:34):

I mean obviously Dunes Club is a championship ready golf course, but I think I remember hearing and I know you know a little more than I do, David, that they’re making some changes to accommodate this.

David Williams (14:44):

Yeah, so they’ve already kind of started some. I noticed yesterday on another friend of the program’s Instagram story, Jim Huntoon, he was out there kind of just checking out some work they’re doing. They’re doing a lot of sod work right now trying to get the sod to grow in, putting it in before the summer. That way it grows in and hopefully lays roots. But so what they’re going to do, so they’re going to revamp, they’re going to make that putting green bigger and that putting green’s already pretty big, but they’re going to make that bigger. They’re going to revamp the entire short game area over at the driving range. So that’s going to be completely new. I believe on two, they’re going to take the tips back to where number eight tee box is. So they’re going to add 30 yards or something to that hole. It’s going to play as a par 71 by the way.

Ben Dunn (15:31):

Was it like 7,300 yards or something like that?

David Williams (15:31):

Like 7,350 or something. So it’s going to play as a par 71. They’re going to play eight, that par five as a par four and they’re going to build a new tee box back in right behind 17, behind seven green and do it that way. They’re going to add 45 yards to number 14. They’re going to move that tee box 45 yards back. It’s getting kind of like Augusta National in a way. Just getting that land behind them. Alligator Alley’s untouched completely.

Ben Dunn (16:00):

As it should. As it should.

David Williams (16:00):

And I think…

Ben Dunn (16:02):

Isn’t that dog leg right? Par five? Okay.

David Williams (16:08):

To holes 11.

Ben Dunn (16:08):

Still never played

David Williams (16:09):

To holes 11, 12, 13. Me neither. I’ve only a scramble and I don’t count that.

Dylan Hoffman (16:14):

Played it once.

David Williams (16:15):

You only played it once, you have seven free rounds there from a scramble.

Dylan Hoffman (16:18):

It kind of expired.

Ben Dunn (16:19):

I was there for a wedding once.

David Williams (16:20):

Oh, that’s right. [inaudible 00:16:22].

Ben Dunn (16:22):

Great clubhouse, great, great wedding that I went to.

David Williams (16:24):

Yeah, so I assume too, probably from a clubhouse standpoint, because I remember when you were still at TPC Myrtle Beach when the regional was there, right?

Ben Dunn (16:31):


David Williams (16:32):

So when the regional was here where there was talks of getting the nationals in town, but the conversation became of staging media and stuff like that. So I believe if I’m guessing, I assume it’s going to be on Golf Channel because I believe it will be.

Dylan Hoffman (16:45):


David Williams (16:46):

Because it’s 300 points, which means it’s probably going to be against another event. So it’ll probably be broadcasted on Golf Channel. So I assume Golf Channel will probably set up shop in the ballroom where the press conference took place.

Ben Dunn (16:59):

Makes sense.

David Williams (16:59):

And then they’ll leave the men’s locker room in that grill over there, open for players only if I was betting. And then that restaurant on the side of, I’m guessing will probably be for…

Ben Dunn (17:10):

Waterloo, I think.

David Williams (17:11):

Yeah, probably be for members. It’ll probably be a split between members, media and whoever else.

Ben Dunn (17:16):

I mean, how cool is it going to be to see number nine with some grandstands around it and the camera pans up [inaudible 00:17:22].

Dylan Hoffman (17:22):

That’s what I’m curious to see what they do with it.

David Williams (17:24):

Yeah, I’m actually more, where do you guys think they’re going to put grandstands?

Ben Dunn (17:27):

I want something big around number nine. I mean that’s a signature hole. I mean I know you’re taking away a little bit of the ocean view with the grandstand.

David Williams (17:35):

Even if you just do it on the left side of nine, it’ll be fine.

Ben Dunn (17:37):

Yeah. It leaves the whole right side.

David Williams (17:38):

Left and right.

Ben Dunn (17:39):

Well, it’s going to be interesting too to see, because what we’re talking about with who’s going to be at the event, how big are they going to go?

David Williams (17:44):


Ben Dunn (17:44):

That’s going to be kind of interesting to see too. To see that whole process unfold of how big will it be?

Dylan Hoffman (17:49):

I got to pull the map out here and just give me a sky level view of this. I need to get more of architectural eyes on it here.

Ben Dunn (17:56):

He’s really diving in.

David Williams (17:56):

I’m going to guess they’re probably going to put something, they’re not going to do left of 11, I wouldn’t think, because that’s going to take that whole left side out. So I’m going to guess on 11, they might not even put grandstand on 11. 12, they’ll probably put behind the green and then have a tunnel that leads to 13 tee, if I was guessing.

Dylan Hoffman (18:18):

I’m curious to see what they do on 18 because it’s such a beautiful setting on 18 with the bunkers and the trees, but I don’t know, it’s kind of tight behind the green.

David Williams (18:27):

I’m like, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Dylan Hoffman (18:28):

There’s probably some space I’m sure.

Ben Dunn (18:29):

Oh, they always find a way to make space. That’s the craziest thing. You look at some of these golf courses now. They build these, remember the US Open at Chambers Bay. It is like how do they build grandstands anywhere at that golf course? I mean they figured out. They figured out for sure.

David Williams (18:41):

It wouldn’t surprise me if talking about 18, if they do a connected build out between one tee box and 18 and they have a tunnel going through it for carts and stuff like that.

Dylan Hoffman (18:54):

Just had this thought come to mind and I need to spit it out, but one of a, if you know you know kind of moments. I think Ryan Hart needs to be a starter for the Myrtle Beach Classic.

David Williams (19:03):

Oh God.

Dylan Hoffman (19:04):

I’m serious.

Ben Dunn (19:05):

Hometown hero.

Dylan Hoffman (19:06):

Yeah, the Dustin Johnson World Junior starter. As you know, he is somewhat famous on Instagram for it, but I don’t know.

Ben Dunn (19:11):

If you live anywhere in Prince Creek, you’d probably hear him that whole week.

David Williams (19:14):

If you live anywhere between Charleston and Bolivia, North Carolina.

Dylan Hoffman (19:18):

I mean, I think it’d be cool.

Ben Dunn (19:20):

We have a lot of friends of the show.

David Williams (19:22):

We do have too many.

Ben Dunn (19:22):

We can only have one guest.

Dylan Hoffman (19:25):

Are they really friends or are they just one way?

Ben Dunn (19:28):

They’re friends.

Dylan Hoffman (19:28):

They don’t know, they’re friends.

Ben Dunn (19:29):

They don’t know. Some of them know they’re friends. Some of them don’t. It’s fine.

David Williams (19:30):

It’s fine.

Ben Dunn (19:33):

They’ll know eventually.

David Williams (19:34):

What else with the tour event? I think it’s just…

Ben Dunn (19:36):

It’s exciting, man.

David Williams (19:39):

Like you said, I think the closer we get to it, I think the more excitement that’s going to build from it.

Dylan Hoffman (19:45):

I mean, yeah, it’s already under a year away. It just feels like we, that’s the crazy, I think we were talking about it yesterday. It’s under a year away and I feel like it’s like, I don’t know.

Ben Dunn (19:53):

Well normally you do these big announcements, it’s “three years away from now.”

Dylan Hoffman (19:58):

You see the US Opens going to be…

Ben Dunn (19:59):

It’s not like, “Next year” right in the alley.

Dylan Hoffman (20:01):

It’s like all the US Opens coming to Pinehurst in 2034. And it’s like, “Aw, great. I’ll be 48 years old then.”

Ben Dunn (20:06):

All right, settle down.

David Williams (20:07):

It’s like college football when they announce, “Oh, in 2056, Alabama, Notre Dame start a six-game series in Tuscaloosa.”

Dylan Hoffman (20:13):

Yeah, exactly. And it’s like, “Well, okay, well, I hope my grandkids enjoy watching that.”

Ben Dunn (20:17):

College Football is changing a lot in the future.

David Williams (20:18):


Ben Dunn (20:19):

Six game series, huh?

David Williams (20:21):

Well I’m talking like six-year deal. That’s what, you know what I meant.

Dylan Hoffman (20:24):

Playing the best of seven.

Ben Dunn (20:25):

Best of six. Yeah.

David Williams (20:27):

That would be kind of cool.

Dylan Hoffman (20:29):

It would be kind of cool.

David Williams (20:29):

That would be actually really cool.

Dylan Hoffman (20:30):

But no, I think as we get here, especially when they start putting the grandstands up, I think that’s usually, at least for me when I see it at a golf course, that’s like the first sign you see, like, “Man, this is real. It’s happening. It’s going to be a big deal.”

David Williams (20:44):

Yeah, and I think too, obviously for all of you all that are listening or watching on YouTube, stay tuned to all of our social media accounts. We’ll have a bunch of probably behind the scenes stuff once they start doing that work and building those new tee boxes and building out grandstands, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. We’re going to be highly involved in that event. To what capacity I’m not sure yet. But anyway, guys, speaking of the tour event, two people that probably won’t be here, Viktor Hovland, Brooks Koepka, pretty good battle down the stretch last week in Rochester at Oak Hill.

Ben Dunn (21:21):

Tough course, man. Geez.

David Williams (21:22):

Admittedly didn’t get to watch a ton of it.

Dylan Hoffman (21:25):

Didn’t either. I follow along.

David Williams (21:27):

I mean, Koepka, let’s just spotlight him.

Ben Dunn (21:31):

He played well, man. Good for him. He played well on Sunday. He did what he had to do.

David Williams (21:36):

I think the thing with me, the thing that kind of goes back, so I listened to Pardon My Take Monday and Koepka called in and so LIV DC is this week and they were kind of talking to him and they were like, “What’s kind of your prep this week for LIV DC?” He was like, “Oh, I’m…”

Ben Dunn (21:52):

Going to Panthers games.

David Williams (21:53):

Yeah. So he went to the Panthers game Monday night, went to the Heat game Tuesday night, went to the Panthers game last night and the tournament starts Friday.

Dylan Hoffman (22:01):

He’ll probably shoot 70, 71 and just be fine.

David Williams (22:04):

And I guess that’s

Ben Dunn (22:05):

Where it might win.

David Williams (22:06):

I think you and I actually talked about this yesterday too, and I’ve seen it circling.

Dylan Hoffman (22:10):

Just got what you said about it.


I don’t think 70, 71 will win, but it might come close.

Ben Dunn (22:14):

Might be second place.

David Williams (22:16):

I’ll see and you’ll see, I’ve seen it circulating on Twitter this week, but LIV is actually perfect for him.

Dylan Hoffman (22:22):


Ben Dunn (22:23):

You sure about that?

Dylan Hoffman (22:28):


David Williams (22:28):

I think so.

Dylan Hoffman (22:28):

I’m not even a LIV guy and I think…

David Williams (22:28):

I’m not either.

Dylan Hoffman (22:29):

We were talking about it. You get 14 events a year, you don’t really have to focus on them and you’re still going to get money.

David Williams (22:34):

And now he’s exempt.

Ben Dunn (22:35):

I mean, he’s a gamer, he’s a computer. You know he wants to compete more.

David Williams (22:37):

I know, that’s the thing.

Ben Dunn (22:39):

He even said himself that if he was healthy, he probably would’ve reconsidered a lot and I would’ve loved to have seen that because it’s so weird to me how he doesn’t win on the PGA TOUR like that much. And then he just dominates the majors. I don’t understand it. It’s crazy.

David Williams (22:53):

He’s got that dog in him.

Ben Dunn (22:59):

He has more majors wins than PGA TOUR wins. When he was on the tour, obviously. But he has, I’m pretty sure that he has more majors wins than PGA TOUR wins.

Dylan Hoffman (23:02):

Nice. Yeah, three and five.

Ben Dunn (23:04):

He has the Brooks Koepka Management Open. He has a couple of those and then he has one other random tournament and that’s it. And then he has five majors. I think he only has…

David Williams (23:20):

So Wikipedia, a great source for information, it’s always accurate.

Ben Dunn (23:26):

Friend of the show.

David Williams (23:27):

Friend of the show, Wikipedia.

Dylan Hoffman (23:28):

Maybe they can sponsor the TOUR.

David Williams (23:30):

That’d be a funny video if we just took all the times we said “Friend of the Show” and just cut it up into the video. Anyway, so according to this, it’s got Brooks Koepka has nine PGA TOUR wins. But four of those are majors.

Dylan Hoffman (23:44):

So he’s five and five now then I guess.

Ben Dunn (23:46):

That’s crazy.

David Williams (23:47):

That’s nuts.

Dylan Hoffman (23:48):

Are any of those WGC’s or did he ever win a WGC? Why do all feel like he did?

Ben Dunn (23:53):

I don’t think he did.

Dylan Hoffman (23:55):

Maybe he didn’t.

David Williams (23:56):

Yeah, he did. Well, it weren’t a WGC at the time. It was St Jude in Memphis.

Dylan Hoffman (24:02):

So he does have five.

David Williams (24:05):

And I mean his whole story, and we’ll move on from Koepka here in a second, but his whole story about how he didn’t have status and instead of trying to grind it out on the Korn Ferry Tour, he just moved to Europe and just played the Challenge tour until he got onto the European tour and got his card and then…

Ben Dunn (24:20):

That was when he was as skinny as his microphone right here.

David Williams (24:22):

Yeah dude, he was a [inaudible 00:24:25]

Ben Dunn (24:24):

Rookie Brooks Koepka was a little guy.

David Williams (24:26):

Yes, he was.

Ben Dunn (24:28):

Then he just decided to beef up a little bit and now he is the man we know.

David Williams (24:34):

Speaking of actually Dunes Club and professional golfers.

Dylan Hoffman (24:39):

He said beefing up and you said speaking up and I thought we were going to talk about Bryson, but it’s okay.

Ben Dunn (24:42):

I thought we were going to talk about food again. No, we’re not going to talk about [inaudible 00:24:45]

Dylan Hoffman (24:44):


David Williams (24:45):

I’m not talking about Bryson.

Dylan Hoffman (24:45):

Dunes Club. Let’s go.

David Williams (24:47):

Somebody that actually won a event, right, Jim?

Ben Dunn (24:51):


David Williams (24:54):

Yeah, he actually, he won an event actually at Dunes Club, Michael Block.

Ben Dunn (24:59):

Did he really?

David Williams (25:00):


Ben Dunn (25:00):

I didn’t know that.

Dylan Hoffman (25:01):


Ben Dunn (25:01):

Yeah, that’s cool.

David Williams (25:01):

Yeah, he won the, I forget what year it was.

Jim (25:05):

He won the 2014 PGA PNC.

David Williams (25:08):

Thank you, Jim.

Dylan Hoffman (25:09):

Good call, Jim.

Ben Dunn (25:09):

I remember that.

David Williams (25:10):

For everybody that…

Ben Dunn (25:11):

It was at Dunes Club [inaudible 00:25:12]

Dylan Hoffman (25:12):

Let’s get him back. Seriously, we need to get him back.

David Williams (25:14):

For everybody that has no idea who that was, that is Jim Maggio on the ones and twos behind the wall and that he is on the system called “Voice of God.” Michael Block. So I was in the car and playing golf pretty much during the whole tournament, but obviously it was going crazy. What’d you guys think of the whole Block thing?

Ben Dunn (25:36):

It was awesome, man.

Dylan Hoffman (25:39):

It was cool. It was sick.

Ben Dunn (25:39):

Look, as someone who kind of spent time as a golf pro, I could never imagine doing that, dude.

David Williams (25:43):

No, ever.

Dylan Hoffman (25:45):

I saw a stat that said he would’ve, I think he charges like $150 an hour before this week or $125 an hour for lessons. He would’ve had to give over 1,500 lessons to make what he made.

Ben Dunn (25:55):

It was 2,000-something lessons is what he made. Yeah.

David Williams (25:57):

Yeah. I think he made $288,000. That’s pretty awesome.

Ben Dunn (26:00):

I loved following along with everything on the weekend and round one. He was just kind of calm, cool, collected. He told the story of how he couldn’t even look Justin Rose in his eyes. He just looked at his shoes, the first pick because he just couldn’t even believe that he’s doing that. And then you see the video on social media where they tell him that he’s playing with, he’s paired with Rory. And his reaction is just, it’s just so pure and just so natural. I think that’s what it was. I think that’s what got everybody hooked was just you could tell this guy was so sincere and so all of his reactions were as raw as it can be. Some of these other guys, they might give interviews, they might, they’ve been on the PGA TOUR for a while. They’re a little used to that, but this guy was just raw and he was just, he’s awesome. He’s a golfer’s golfer.

David Williams (26:43):

So not to throw a wet blanket on everything, and this has nothing to do with Block himself. This more has to do with media and the way social media works now, but some of the hyperbole that was going around on social media, especially on Twitter on Sunday was a little ridiculous. I think I saw somebody, dude literally works in broadcasting. Shout out to Big Randy for being on this block. Another friend of the program, well before any of us were, but this dude that works in broadcasting on Twitter said that he should be fully exempt in every single major for the rest of his life.

Ben Dunn (27:18):

Yeah, that’s a little extreme.

Dylan Hoffman (27:19):

Yeah, that’s…

Ben Dunn (27:19):

That’s a little extreme, especially when we’re talking…

Dylan Hoffman (27:22):

If you win the Masters, you’re not even exempt in all four majors for the rest of your life.

Ben Dunn (27:26):

It was cool to see that.

David Williams (27:27):

It was very cool.

Ben Dunn (27:27):

It was like, hey, if this guy gets, somehow gets his way in the, what was it, the top 15, so he gets playing the PGA next year?

David Williams (27:33):

So if he got into…

Ben Dunn (27:35):

Top four was the Masters.

David Williams (27:36):

Top four was the Masters. Then if he got into a two-way tie for third or better, he got temporary status on the PGA TOUR.

Ben Dunn (27:43):

And then it’s cool seeing he’s got an exemption for this week as a cool little kind of follow-up story.

David Williams (27:49):

Because Pierceson Coody I think was the one.

Ben Dunn (27:52):

He should do well this week I hope. We’ll see. I’d love to see the story continue.

David Williams (27:58):

Yeah, I mean.

Dylan Hoffman (27:58):

I’m sure he’ll play well. I think people need to limit their expectations. He’s a great player, had a great week, but I mean to make him follow-up the week and go out and do it like… A tour event’s no knock either. There’s a lot of good players.

Ben Dunn (28:09):

I love his confidence, man. He was just like, look, he’s like, “I’m just proving to myself that I can come out here and compete with these guys.” That’s basically his attitude was like “I knew all along that I could come compete with these guys.” He just never had the opportunity.

Dylan Hoffman (28:21):

He was arguably the most consistent player in the field all week. He shot 70 every day, then 71 on the last.

Ben Dunn (28:25):

I saw that one errant shot he hit on what, Friday? He hit that one errant shot when he was three under and it kind of put him a little bit back towards, down the leaderboard a little bit. outside of that one shot, the guy was just steady. Absolutely steady. He was cool and calm and then, I mean, icing on the cake was the hole in one. That was just a dunk. I mean so sick and the whole place went nuts and he couldn’t believe it. He didn’t even know it went in. I mean he’s sitting there asking if it went in while Rory’s hugging him.

Dylan Hoffman (28:49):

Yeah. They tipped his cap thinking it was like four feet and just being sarcastic and it went in.

David Williams (28:53):

He was paired with Rory McIlroy.

Ben Dunn (28:56):

And in the final round of the PGA, you dunk a hole in one paired with Roy McIlroy while the whole world is watching you. Millions of people are tuning into that final round and you dunk a hole in one with Rory. I mean that’s just so cool.

Dylan Hoffman (29:08):

Storybook man. That was his first tournament hole in one too.

Ben Dunn (29:11):

I mean he’s gotten like, he’s got to be thinking…

Dylan Hoffman (29:13):

Never made one in a tournament. That was his first.

Ben Dunn (29:15):

He’s got to be thinking he’s going to wake up at some point here soon and now the poor guy has to get on all these old videos of his stuff from back in the day as servicing. And now he’s got to get on social media and see all these old videos of himself when he is like…

David Williams (29:28):

He’s probably “Dang, I knew this was going to come back to haunt me one day.”

Dylan Hoffman (29:32):

You think he raises his rates for lessons?

Ben Dunn (29:35):

No, probably not.

Dylan Hoffman (29:36):

You don’t?

Ben Dunn (29:36):

No, not at all.

Dylan Hoffman (29:37):

To new customers, at least.

Ben Dunn (29:39):


Dylan Hoffman (29:39):


Ben Dunn (29:40):

No. Why would you?

Dylan Hoffman (29:42):

Because you can, man. Somebody wants to pay 50 grand for a seven iron.

David Williams (29:46):

I mean, I guess he did just make 288 grand and he also just signed with the sports agency, so he’s probably got endorsements coming as well.

Ben Dunn (29:51):

I could just about guarantee he’s not going to raise his.

David Williams (29:51):


Ben Dunn (29:57):

He’s not going to be like, “Oh, I was in the PGA Championship. Now I charge $200 a lesson.”

David Williams (29:58):

That’s fair.

Dylan Hoffman (30:00):

There are some people out there that would probably absolutely do that.

Ben Dunn (30:01):

Oh, for sure. Oh, a thousand percent. But I don’t think Block’s, I don’t think he’s one of those guys. He doesn’t seem like that kind of guy. He just seems like a genuine good dude.

David Williams (30:08):

What else stood out?

Ben Dunn (30:09):

That’s my analysis.

David Williams (30:10):

What else stood out to you guys from PGA week?

Ben Dunn (30:13):

The golf course, man, the scores were unreal. It looked like a US Open out there with the leaderboard and it was like, what was it? There was a point on Saturday or Sunday, I forgot which day it was. There were only five or six people under par.

David Williams (30:23):

What is the PGA Championship’s identity?

Ben Dunn (30:25):

The PGA Championship.

David Williams (30:27):

I feel like it’s stuck between release patterns. It wants to be the US Open, but it also wants to be its own thing.

Ben Dunn (30:32):

I don’t know. For me…

Dylan Hoffman (30:33):

It’s a fun middle ground.

Ben Dunn (30:36):

I think it’s a cool place. I think it’s a cool tournament where you can get a mixture of golf courses. You have your golf courses that are traditionally US Opens, your Oakmonts, your Marions, your courses that are just, they’re diabolical. They’re hard. We all know what they are. They’re old. And then this tournament gives you, you get to see other golf courses that you might not see in major championships. Kiawah Island and the one last year, what was it? Oakland Hills I think it was. Or the one in Southern Hills, thank you. And that place, you kind of see a lot more golf. Valhalla will be next year. That’s an awesome golf course. And it’s just you get to see a lot more golf courses, different golf courses. The US Open courses are kind of all, you know what you’re getting.

David Williams (31:17):

It’s going to be hard.

Ben Dunn (31:17):

Yeah, really hard, tight fairways, crazy greens. You get a little variation and it’s a lot of the same course designers too. The US opens too, right? Not a lot of variance there. Whereas with this, there’s a lot of different courses. So I think to me it’s identity is putting a major championship on a golf course that might not normally host a major championship.

David Williams (31:37):


Dylan Hoffman (31:37):

I think it’s equal toughness, but they just know what line to not cross. The US Open, Shinnecock, places like that. It got goofy hard at times.

David Williams (31:46):

As ZJ once said, they lost it.

Dylan Hoffman (31:49):

Yeah, exactly. I think you know at the PGA it’s going to be just as tough, but they’re not going to cross that line to where you’ve got balls just rolling off greens and stuff.

David Williams (31:56):


Dylan Hoffman (31:56):

It’s a fair test.

David Williams (31:58):

Anything else from PGA Championship Week?

Ben Dunn (32:00):

I don’t think I have.

Dylan Hoffman (32:03):

Maybe we’ll host the PGA Championship in 35 years when the tour event’s been successful. I don’t know.

David Williams (32:08):


Dylan Hoffman (32:08):


David Williams (32:09):

Sure. I’ll let you have that one, man. Just a quick shout out to Rory. I feel like he kind of grinded. Definitely didn’t have his A game and that’s normally when he would MC Hammer like super hard.

Ben Dunn (32:23):

He’s the king of just backdooring some good finish.

David Williams (32:25):

Yeah, I felt like he battled for that backdoor this time though. It wasn’t like a play very average for three rounds and go out and shoot 63 in the final round. It felt like it was like four grind your teeth, let’s work.

Dylan Hoffman (32:39):


Ben Dunn (32:40):

I do think it was really cool that a lot of the favorites, some of them didn’t even make the weekend and the others that did make the weekend were five, six over. They were just completely out of it. Like the favorites outside of Koepka, the favorites were really just kind out of it.

David Williams (32:53):

Scheffler was the only one.

Ben Dunn (32:53):

It was cool

Dylan Hoffman (32:55):

Yeah Scheffler and Mark [inaudible 00:32:56] were the only two.

Ben Dunn (32:56):

Scottie almost saved the day. I’m telling you, Scottie almost came and took down the mighty Brooks. He was making a run there on Sunday.

Dylan Hoffman (33:04):

I was going to say, shout out to Spieth making the cut. I mean, he’s definitely not even close to his best and he still made a couple of majors.

Ben Dunn (33:09):

I almost didn’t want him to. I just was so worried.

Dylan Hoffman (33:13):

He’s playing again this week, man.

Ben Dunn (33:13):

I don’t want him to get let any long term injuries in this. He’s covered in K tape and he was struggling in the cold and I’m like, “Dude, we’ve all seen this before where they’re cold.”

David Williams (33:23):

Final round 69 though.

Ben Dunn (33:24):

What’s that.

David Williams (33:24):

That final around 69 though.

Dylan Hoffman (33:24):

Yeah, I mean he played fine. I just, I’d feel bad for him. I don’t know. Hope he gets through it.

David Williams (33:30):

Well, I think, I mean that’s really all I had unless you guys kind of have anything else. Just wanted to kind of jump on here real quick since we hadn’t talked about anything related to the tour event yet and wanted to. I know we’ve all been pretty dang busy, so I think we’re going to try to do another one of these maybe next week, if not the week after.

Dylan Hoffman (33:46):

We’ll get a little low period here where we catch our breaths.

David Williams (33:49):

Probably the week after next if I was guessing. So folks, thank you for tuning in, listening or watching wherever you find your podcast. We’re getting ready to roll in the summer. Summer’s a great time to come down here and play golf. If you’re looking to book kind of a last minute package or tee times, head over to and find everything you need to know about a golf trip here. It’s your kind of one stop shop for everything. Tee times hotels, package companies, how to get here, even current conditions to see how the golf courses that you’re looking to play on your trip are looking right now. So make sure you follow us on all of our social accounts, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to see numerous updates from the entire market throughout the summer. And like I mentioned earlier, the Dunes Club stuff that will be coming up ahead of the tour event. Guys, thanks for being back. I know you guys are busy this week. Thanks for sitting down for a little bit.

Dylan Hoffman (34:46):

Thanks for having us.

Ben Dunn (34:47):

Go sign up for World Am.

David Williams (34:48):

Sign up for World Am.

Dylan Hoffman (34:49):

Yeah, World Am.

Ben Dunn (34:50):

Do that.

Dylan Hoffman (34:50):

We’re very close to 3,000.

David Williams (34:51):

What’s that going to be, what’s that URL?

Dylan Hoffman (34:53):

Wwww. A lot of w’s there. Just had a price increase, but we are still looking to get some more players. Man, it’s a good time. 40th anniversary, 19th hole, demo alley’s back.

Ben Dunn (35:09):

It’s worth it regardless. Yeah, demo alley’s back. Yep.

Dylan Hoffman (35:12):

If you’re a returning player, we do have a promo code out there for you. I believe it’s RETURN23. Is that right Ben? I think, I don’t think so. Yeah. RETURN23, if you’re a past participant, you get $50 off, so be sure to use that.

Ben Dunn (35:23):

Cool. Other big news coming man. It’s going to be fun this year.

Dylan Hoffman (35:25):


David Williams (35:25):

Should be fun. As always, thank you for listening and we will see you all soon.