By the Numbers: 35th Annual World Amateur Handicap Championship

The 35th annual World Amateur Handicap Championship is upon us and nearly 3,200 players from across the globe are descending on Myrtle Beach to play in the one-of-a-kind event.

Here is a by-the-numbers breakdown of the “Every Man’s Major,” a 72-hole, net stroke play event:

1 – Lowest handicap of a player to capture the Flight Winners Playoff and claim the mantle of “World Champion.” Michael Martuscelli won the tournament in 1992 getting just a single stroke.

5 – Number of women who have won the World Championship Playoff. Rhonda Oeters (1997), Jeannette Fenner (2005), June Wang (2007), Paula Morton (2008) and Linda Fuller (2009) have all earned the title of World Champ.

6 – Number of players who have participated in all 34 events. Gerry States, Bob and Don Yelton, Paul Ciancanelli, Ray Zajicek and Dean Tedder have teed it up in every World Am.

26 – Number of countries sending players to the World Am. The nation count includes: Canada, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, England, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Sweden, Australia, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Switzerland, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Austria, India, Ireland, Japan, Monaco, Scotland, South Africa, Venezuela and Virgin Islands.

49 – The number of states sending players to the World Am with Alaska being the only state not represented. If you are a resident of the “Land of the Midnight Sun” reading this, shame on you for not being here!

70 – Exhibitors that will be at the World’s Largest 19th Hole showcasing their product to tournament players.

88.6 – Average score for tournament rounds.

684 – The number of players who participated in the first World Am in 1984. That first year there was no World’s Largest 19th Hole – players were served baked beans on paper plates after their round – but it was the clear the format was a hit with golfers. The event topped 1,100 players in year 2 and momentum continued to build.

20,000 – Approximate number of beers expected to be consumed at the World’s Largest 19th Hole.

1,000,000+ – Number of total strokes that will be taken during the 35th annual World Am.