Paige Spiranac Plays Heritage Club

On her most recent visit to the Myrtle Beach area, Paige Spiranac drove down the south end to check out Heritage Club, the magnificent Dan Maples design that’s a favorite of many a golf vacationer. See how Paige played the last three holes on the front nine, and how she made quick friends with the club’s “mascot,” George.



I was really excited to be back in Myrtle Beach because we hit all new golf courses this time, and Heritage Club was the first one. We played Holes 7, 8, and 9. I was really excited. It was absolutely beautiful. I think one of my favorite golf courses that I’ve seen in a while. The course conditions were great. It was difficult and definitely a challenging course.

The first hole I played was a just kind of straightforward par four. You had to hit good shots, but it was still open enough. And then No. 8 was a par three, and was really beautiful because you had the marsh on the left side, and I think they had some historical (elements) as well. So there’s a lot that kind of goes into that golf course. It’s been around for a while, which was cool. And then No. 9 was a hard dogleg right, and you had to take it over the bunker, which I did. And then I had just a short little wedge shot in. But it was really beautiful because when you’re on the green, you had a view of the clubhouse, and it was just really pretty.

And then I also got to meet George, who is the course dog there, and he was great. So if you see him, go say hi. He’s very friendly!

Heritage Club was just really, really beautiful. It was probably more on the difficult side, I would say. But really great course conditions, so if you’re looking for a little bit more of a challenge, definitely go there!