Pine Lakes Country Club
Pine Lakes Country Club

Pine Lakes Turns Back the Clock

Pine Lakes country club is bringing back kilts for their starters and free mimosasWith the course, which opened in 1927, celebrating its 90th birthday this year, Brock and his staff decided to turn back the clock at Pine Lakes Country Club, much to the delight of Myrtle Beach golfers.

“We are the Granddaddy, and it’s time to embrace our history and roots,” Brock said. “It was time to bring Pine Lakes back to what it was known for.”

Golfers will notice Pine Lakes’ embrace of its past as soon as they approach the course’s stately clubhouse, as starters are now dressed in kilts, knee-high socks, button-up shirts and bow ties, evoking images of Scotland, golf’s ancestral homeland.

The guys at the bag drop are now outfitted in knickers and flat caps. The sartorial makeover extends inside the clubhouse as well, as Brock and his staff are wearing white button-up shirts and plaid ties, creating a fitting atmosphere at a course that is rich with history.

“We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback,” Brock said. “There have been a lot of photo ops with the starters, and you can see it in their eyes, people love it.”

Best of all, Pine Lakes is just getting started. Over the winter, a chowder house will be built and beginning in March, golfers will receive a cup of soup as part of their round.

Also, coming in 2018 will be the return of complimentary mimosas being served on the 14th tee.

Pine Lakes, Myrtle Beach’s first course, was designed by Robert White, a native of St. Andrews, Scotland and the first president of the PGA of America, and the layout has always held a special place in the market.

The changes in ambiance will ensure that Pine Lakes remains among Myrtle Beach’s favorite golf courses.