Project Golf: Why It Matters

Project Golf has been going strong in Myrtle Beach for months now. Hear from the people of Project Golf on why this program is so important, and why you should consider joining!



Nicole Boone: New since 6:00, the group Project Golf hosted an event at the Reed Rec Center in Myrtle Beach.

Bob Juback: The new program features group lessons with PGA professionals. Project Golf not only introduces newcomers to the rules of the game, but also how to book a tee time, what equipment and also clothing you may need, and proper golf etiquette.

Gene Augustine: Project Golf is a nonprofit organization established here on the Grand Strand to grow the game of golf. Not for the sake of Project Golf retaining students, but for the sake of getting people into the game, whether it be junior golfers, veterans, what you see a lot out here is people that are new to the area, to get them to start playing golf. To learn the game. Learn the game well. Break through all the barriers that exist with golf, whether it be the intimidation factor of, “Hey, am I allowed to go to this golf course or this golf facility?” We want to break through all that stuff. Teach them, “This is what a backdrop is used for. This is how you book a tee time.” We want to break through all those things. Teach them the game of golf. Bring them to the sport, and then nurture them along the way so that they truly fall in love with the game just like we have.

Dave Genevro: We were excited here at Barefoot to participate in Project Golf when we were asked if we would host Monday nights from 5:30 to 7:00 to help grow the game. These are people that have never played the game of golf, and we’re all in this business to grow the game of golf in every aspect, in every way, and Project Golf is a great way to get people started.

Brad Kirkman: Well, Project Golf is just an incredible opportunity for new golfers to experience what so many of us have done for so many years. A golf course is just a fantastic place to be. There’s just nothing more relaxing than being out with nature, seeing birds, seeing squirrels, seeing all kind of things. Golf courses are just a beautiful place. So I would just hope everybody could get out, enjoy it like I get to, and hopefully become golfers.

Pat Vaughan: I absolutely love what Project Golf just did. They’ve taken the intimidation out of the whole golfing experience for me, because for me going to a golf course and on my own, I probably never would have. But now with the four instructors with this program, they’ve taken the fear out of it, and by making it a social experience, it really made it a lot better for me.

Diane Steed: Favorite part is what I’m still working on. It’s actually when I make the connection, and I actually hit the ball, I would say that that’s pretty much it. You know what I mean? But not only that, understanding why the ball hit, and why I missed a swing. That to me is the biggest thing. Even when I miss, I know why I miss, so the instructors are incredible.

Linda Drye: The part of it that was most appealing to me was that you were going to be with a group of people who had never played golf before, and they start at the very basic level about golf course etiquette, golf carts, those kind of things, and teach you everything you need to know. Gene and I just had a conversation about, “Can you do a Project Golf 2.0 for us to continue to learn with the same group that started at the same time?”

Martha Eddings: Project Golf has been a six-week exploration basically of golf for those of us that are beginners, or haven’t played in a long time. We worked from the green, to the tee box, and strokes. We’ve talked about the game of golf, the etiquette of golf, even as simple things as setting a tee time, which for someone that doesn’t play golf, you don’t know how to do that. It’s been a very enjoyable experience, a lot of fun, a little camaraderie and some competition between people, which is always good. I’d really like to see them repeat it. I would be very interested in doing it again.

Rich Bailey: A few things, but I mean Brad, Scott, Martin, Gene, Jen, everybody’s been awesome in this program. Everybody’s got their own little way of doing things and making things easy to understand no matter what. You’ve got all these people that are brand new playing, and you could tell they’re picking it up, they understand it, and you can see it when we play. The shots are flying, and it’s working great.

Gene Augustine: I would tell them to visit our Facebook page. Oftentimes a picture’s worth a thousand words. Look at the Facebook page. Look what’s going on there. Look at some of these videos that we have out there. People, they love it. They’re enjoying themselves. They’re meeting new people, meeting their neighbors, getting socially connected through the game of golf.

Martha Eddings: Oh, I’d tell them, “Just go and try it, and give it a chance.” I was a little apprehensive at first. We were all complete strangers in the very beginning, and now we have a nice big social group, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’m glad I did it, and again, I’d love to do it again.

Linda Drye: I absolutely do, because this is the only place you could probably go and be in a group of people who are just like yourselves and the coaches understand that.

Brad Kirkman: I wouldn’t be afraid to sign up. You’re not going to get hurt. It’s okay. Really the main thing is probably the information that you have is incorrect. I mean, that by saying that a lot of people tell you things, and that really is not correct, and the next thing you know, the golf game is very difficult. We like going to make it very simple. More than likely I can get you hitting the golf ball, and up in the air, and moving forward in five minutes. That’s really what our first lesson is about, and almost always in five minutes you can get it up in the air and go forward.

Pat Vaughan: Jump in both feet. It’s an awesome experience. They take the fear out of it, and they break it down into really doable segments. You break into three groups, small groups, and we chip, swing, putt. It’s all about relaxing and just loving golf.

Diane Steed: To definitely sign up, as I’ve been telling them to look out to see if they’re going to offer it again. That it’s something that they would definitely be interested in, and something that would help them a lot because they probably have the anxieties like I do. They just don’t say it. So what I do now is just come out and let them know that, “Hey, Project Golf is exactly what you need. Yeah.”

Speaker 11: I would tell them, and I’ve already told people, “It’s amazing. The golf instruction is top tier, and you’d be foolish not to do it. It’s an inexpensive way to reengage and learn about the game of golf.”

Gene Augustine: Visit our website at There’s a link there that’ll guide you to sign up and register for our next programs that are coming up in September and October.