Risk or Reward? You Make the Call on No. 4 at Tiger’s Eye Golf Links

December 4, 2017

the fourth hole at tiger's eye is a memorable risk-reward challengeUtilizing a vivid imagination, sprawling waste bunkers, and locally harvested coquina boulders, Cate’s work at Tiger’s Eye is one of the North Strand’s bedrock designs. The layout has been ranked among “America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses” by Golf Digest and the waste bunkers and water combine to create stunning visuals throughout. 

The expansive fairways at Tiger’s Eye are complemented by large, multi-tiered greens, striking a perfect balance between challenge and playability. 

Tiger’s Eye is home to an unforgettable collection of par 3s, highlighted by the 11th, which features a peninsula green ringed by Cate’s trademark coquina boulders. But when we went in search of our Myrtle Beach Golf Hole of the Week, a par 4 stole the show. 



No. 4 – Tiger’s Eye 
Yardage: 422 yards (brown tees), 406 yards (gold), 366 yards (white), 316 yards (red), 250 yards (yellow)
Handicap: 11

The par 4 fourth hole, a dogleg left, will challenge you mentally and physically. Distance isn’t an issue at 366 yards, but standing on the tee, golfers face a choice: which fairway do they want to play to? 

A yawning waste bunker creates dual fairways. Play to the narrower, left side and the hole plays much shorter, but you bring water into play and must place your ball between bunkers. It’s not an easy shot, but there is the opportunity for significant reward. 

Played conservatively, the fourth will play every bit of its 366 yards (more if you push the ball off the tee), and there will be water up the right side of your approach. 

Throw in a multi-tiered green and you have an unforgettable challenge on an outstanding course. Regardless of your choice, a significant risk-reward decision awaits early in the round at Tiger’s Eye.