Rymer Bites: Tony Romo & British Open

PlayGolfMyrtleBeach.com’s Charlie Rymer checks in from Lake Tahoe as he wraps up coverage of the American Century Championship. Charlie weighs in on Tony Romo’s impressive golf success, and offers some thoughts on who to watch at this week’s British Open, which returns to Ireland for the first time in 68 years.



So it’s been a tough week out here in Lake Tahoe. The American Century Celebrity Championship. This is the 18th green behind me. Tony Romo is finishing up on 18 right now, but this golf tournament’s over. Tony Romo, what an amazing player he’s turned into. Second year in a row he’ll win this Championship and I do believe the starts that he’s had on the PGA TOUR have fine-tuned him. It’s going to be a long time before anybody else wins this golf tournament. Tony Romo, Nostradamus as I call him for his football coverage over on CBS, has turned into a heck of a golfer. But it’s been a real fun week here. Got a chance to walk around with Steph and Dell Curry on Sunday along with Ray Allen on Saturday. Spent a good bit of time following the group that included Aaron Rodgers and Justin Timberlake and also Steph Curry, and I’m going to tell you what, those guys are all very personable. They love this game. They’re really good players.

Night times have been really tough here. My two heroes, Larry the Cable Guy and Bret Baier, cigar time with them at the fire pits watching the sun go down over that mountain and lake behind me, yeah, what can I say? Somebody’s got to do it. But anyway, a lot of our crew here at NBC, they’re headed over to the British Open which is in Ireland for the first time since 1951.

It’s going to be a wonderful week there. I’m not going. I’m coming to Myrtle Beach to play in the Father-Son Team Classic. I’m really looking forward to that. But I’ll be getting up early to watch coverage of the British Open. When I look at what’s going on in the world of golf, I’ve got to think John Rahm has a lot of confidence coming in and then the entire island of Ireland, both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, I believe they’re going to come out in support of their man, Rory McIlroy. He might be hard to beat, and what a historic venue that would be.

So enjoy the British Open this week. Enjoy the links golf, Royal Portrush, one of the best golf courses on the planet. I know it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch. I’m going to spend my last day here in Lake Tahoe watching the sun come down. Right there.