Rymer’s Reasons Preview: Something for Everybody

PlayGolfMyrtleBeach.com’s Charlie Rymer offers a glimpse of the many reasons why he’s made Myrtle Beach his new home. Upcoming episodes of Rymer’s Reasons will offer further insight from Charlie on each of the golf, travel, dining and entertainment options he’s singled out. Stay tuned!



Charlie Rymer: Myrtle Beach is my home. Let me tell you why I love it so much. I grew up in South Carolina and now, at age 51, I’m back here full-time. Sure, we got golf. Obviously, that’s very important to me. We’ve got world-class golf. We’ve also got magnificent beaches. I can’t wait for my granddaughter, Haley, to spend time out on some of the beautiful beaches.

You appreciate good meals like I do? We can take care of you there. We like to slow down a little bit, chat a little bit. Music is phenomenal. So much depth here. One of the really cool aspects of it, it’s so easy to get here. We got one of the best airports you’ll ever find.

I made Myrtle Beach my home. I truly do love it here. Believe me, if you come visit, you’re gonna love it, too. Because in Myrtle Beach, we really do have something for everybody!