Rymer’s Reasons: Putting the “Beach” in Myrtle Beach

With the wide variety of leisure and entertainment options the Grand Strand offers, Charlie Rymer wants to make sure that the “Beach” portion of Myrtle Beach gets the attention it truly deserves. Join him in seeing what the area’s scenic shores have to offer!



Charlie Rymer: With so many things to do here, sometimes it’s easy to forget that this is Myrtle … Beach. I’ve been coming here since I was five years old. One of my favorite things is hanging out on the ocean.

They say nothing in life is free, but here access to the beach is. And it’s always very convenient, whether it’s from your condo or your hotel or through one of the many public parking areas. No matter which beach you go to, you’re always really close to the facilities that you need to make sure you enjoy your day at the beach.

They don’t call it the Grand Strand for nothing. Check out this beach. So wide, and it’s 70 miles from top to bottom. If you want to find a spot where there’s a lot going on, we’ve got that. If you want to find some privacy, we’ve got that, too.

Look what’s going on here. We’ve got somebody building a giant sand castle. We’ve got kids out playing ball. Really safe for the kids here. We’ve got some other folks, they’re just soaking up the sun. We’ve got something for everybody on this beach right here.

When I was a kid, I used to bring my wedge. I’d hit some bunker shots. Just sort of find a little target like that. When you’re hitting a bunker shot on the beach, you’ve got to play it just inside your left flip-flop. And a great bunker tip, always try to keep the center of your chest in the same place. I might have made that one.

Don’t forget your sunscreen. I’m Charlie Rymer in my hometown of Myrtle Beach, where we’ve got something for everybody!