Set Your DVRs: “Big Break Myrtle Beach” Marathon Set for June 22 on Golf Channel

Get your DVRs ready, golf fans, for a “Big Break Myrtle Beach” marathon set for this Monday, June 22 that will air all 11 episodes of the popular Golf Channel series!

Hosted by Tom Abbott and Paige Mackenzie, 10 of 11 episodes are contested at Barefoot Resort & Golf, with one episode’s competition based at Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club. The series will air on June 22 in the following time slots (all times Eastern Daylight):

6 a.m. – Season Premiere – Super Immunity: Six women and six men arrive on the Grand Strand to find out key information about the competition. The players compete for a season-long “super immunity” prize, which could give one competitor a distinct advantage over his or her opponents.

7 a.m. – Episode 2 – Making Decisions: The player holding “super immunity” receives an extra incentive to stay out of the elimination challenge. Competitors must make crucial decisions to earn immunity, and one player attempts to bait the competition into an early exit from the show.

8 a.m. – Episode 3 – In or Out: Players must conquer the flop wall and successfully predict their opponent’s outcomes in order to gain immunity as the day begins. Later, a questionable strategy threatens to send one player home.

10 a.m. – Episode 4 – Team Knockout: Players must choose teams at breakfast, and one captain bases selections on personal relationships. Meanwhile, another player makes no friends in a move that turns the entire series on an emotional edge.

11 a.m. – Episode 5 – Tight Rope: Competitors must rely upon one another to earn safety as team formats rule the immunity challenges. A shaky performance must be overcome to keep the “super immunity” out of play, while an unexpected twist sends multiple players directly to the elimination challenge.

12 p.m. – Episode 6 – A Putt for the Win: A distinctive golf course becomes the setting for high drama as players battle for immunity. One competitor’s timely use of a mulligan earns safety, setting up an elimination match which comes down to the last putt.

1 p.m. – Episode 7 – Pawleys Plantation: The remaining competitors take a road trip south on the Grand Strand, where choosing the right opponents could prove lucrative for one player. Accuracy off the tee is tested, and an untimely error threatens to derail one contestant’s dream.

2 p.m. – Episode 8 – Limbo Wall: As the field dwindles, players must negotiate the limbo wall to secure immunity. One competitor commits a costly mental mistake which could lead to disaster. A surprise development brings “super immunity” back into the discussion.

3 p.m. – Episode 9 – Final Five: The endgame for “super immunity” is in sight as the final four participants are determined. The competition heats up, and one of the most impressive shots in Big Break history highlights the fight for safety.

4 p.m. – Episode 10 – Final Four: The four remaining players vie for an advantage that will go a long way toward determining who will play in the championship match. Head-to-head competitions put a spotlight on the pressure faced in the season’s penultimate episode.

5 p.m. – Season Finale – Championship Match: In the “Big Break Myrtle Beach” season finale, the two finalists face off for an 18-hole match, the winner of which will earn more than $100,000 in cash and prizes.