Spring Has Arrived in Myrtle Beach!

February 18, 2016

Tiger's Eye is Ready!

With forecast highs of nearly 70° this weekend, February 20, 2016, Spring has arrived in Myrtle Beach!


If you live in the Northeast or Midwest, you still have plenty of time to worry about winter, a problem we're happy not to have. With idyllic weather on-tap, it’s a perfect opportunity to sneak-away for a last minute trip!


Here are a couple personal invitations from our golf course directors!



Golf packages, great value, great courses!

Myrtle Beach offers the traveling trifecta: its easy, the value is unmatched, and the golf courses deliver. More than a dozen Myrtle Beach golf courses have been ranked among America’s top 100 public courses by either Golf Digest or Golf Magazine in recent years, a distinction no other destination can match. The golf package, which allows you to book golf and accommodations in one stop, was invented and perfected here, aided in large part by our local golf packagers.  Good luck finding another destination that can match Myrtle Beach’s combination of golf and value.

The final jewel in the Grand Strand’s crown is what the area provides off the course, and with the weather on the upswing, there will be plenty of action this weekend. Myrtle Beach is home to some of the finest restaurants in the state and we have nearly as many top 100 night clubs as we do golf courses! Translated: the fun doesn’t end in Myrtle Beach when the final putt drops.

What are you waiting for? Let's go play!


Tell us in the comments if you're playing golf this weekend!