Stories of The Q at Myrtle Beach – Turk Pettit: From LIV to the PGA TOUR?

A national champion at Clemson, Turk Pettit is trying to become the first player to make it back to the PGA TOUR from LIV. Can he do it?

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Turk Pettit:
Well, I was probably about as small as you could be when I hit my first golf ball. I was like 13-ish or so, and I was playing with some guys that were committed to play college golf at some pretty good schools, and I was playing with them and beating them, and I was like, “Well, this is happening.”

So like amateur golf, I mean, the National Championship is probably one of our majors. I played great that week, and it was my week. It was something nobody can take away from me. I finished up at Clemson, went and played on the Canadian Tour, it was a foreign tour at the time, got my Korn Ferry Tour status fairly quick. Then I got an opportunity to play on LIV.

I think it’s cool playing around the world, especially being young.

We had a great team, Hudson, Piot, Harold, and Bubba. We had a good time. We kind of had that team environment back like in college because you don’t get that out on the professional circuit. This is probably the first time ever in golf this has been done. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. You got to beat 15 guys, so usually you have to beat a lot more.

Someone told me, I’m not going to say who it is, but there’s about… He says, in his opinion, he thinks there’s 10 guys that are really good golfers here. We’re going to play a practice round, figure out what we’re going to do on the golf course, and just kind of stick to that plan. We’re not going to do anything out of sorts just because it’s one round of golf, but we’re just going to try hit fairways, hit greens, and hit some good putts, and hopefully that’s good enough.

So I could’ve been the first LIV guy playing in a (PGA) TOUR event. I almost had it a couple weeks ago, I almost Monday-ed into Mexico. I messed up coming down the stretch. I’m excited to be that guy if it happens, but we’ll see. I mean, only time will tell. I mean, I didn’t come here to lose.

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