Stories of The Q at Myrtle Beach – Grant Horvat: “This is My One Shot”

If you’re a fan of YouTube golf, chances are you know Grant Horvat, from the Good Good days to playing matches against Jon Rahm with the Bryan Brothers. Now, he gets his one chance to play on the PGA TOUR.

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Grant Horvat:
I don’t know the exact time when I started playing golf. My dad’s a PGA pro, but I loved basketball growing up. I think I got into golf around 13 or 14 years old. All my friends that played golf were really good. By the time I was shooting, I mean, I was shooting 120 and my friends were shooting in the 70s.

As a junior golfer, when you start playing in tournaments, you usually have the goal of playing in college. When I got to college, I kind of lost the competitive drive.

Started doing some TikToks, some teaching TikToks. I really do have a passion for teaching. That was when golf was not a big thing on TikTok. It was GolfTok or whatever they called it.

Garrett and I were friends. Before YouTube we did GM Golf together, and in that transition into being in Good Good together, and then now where we’re at.

The first video I ever filmed with Garrett, I think me and him had really good chemistry on camera, and then I would read the comments back then and be like, “Wow, I guess people like what we’re doing.”

I’ve been so blessed with crazy experiences. I mean, just recently holing out with Jon Rahm in the early days of Good Good and that kind of transcended the entire brand to another level. That was the coolest feeling in the world. Garrett and I, GM Golf, Garrett holed out for albatross. Matt’s first hole in one, that feeling was incredible.

There’s a level of obsessive thinking about YouTube. There is an obsession behind it, and the art of YouTube is something that I’ve really got into, which, yeah, it’s not as easy as clicking a button. You learn what does well and what’s going to already do well before you post it. There’s an art to YouTube that takes time to truly understand.

Competitive golf at the end of the day is different. It’s a whole different feeling than filming a YouTube video. Playing in front of these live meetups that we do when there’s 2,000 people, I feel like you feel that same adrenaline. There’s always something.

When I get up on the first tee of that Good Good live event that just happened was incredible with 2,000 people there, but just, I feel like being able to also play with Jon Rahm, Bryson and all these guys, I found a way to calm my nerves.

I don’t really think I would play in this if I didn’t think I had a chance. It’s just so close because it’s only one round. So you just have one really good day.

I think after the first hole, just putting into perspective what we get to do for a living is something that I’m going to remember as I’m playing a competitive round of golf.

The YouTubers definitely have a chance, but it’s going to come down to the pressure, whoever’s able to handle it.

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