The Perfect Start to Winter? 71 Degrees and a Myrtle Beach Golf Course

December 16, 2013

Winter will start wiht perfect weather in Myrtle BeachWe are less than 10 days before Christmas and much of the northeast and midwest are mired in a deep freeze, so what are we going to do here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to get ready for the holidays?

Play golf, of course!

As the official beginning of winter approaches, a mild fall is going to end with beautiful weather. The high here is only forecast to be 53 on Wednesday but will rise to 63 on Thursday, 69 on Friday and 71 on Saturday and Sunday.

With virtually no chance of rain, and a high temperature of 71 degrees, the perfect place to welcome the start of winter is a Myrtle Beach golf course.

A beach golf vacation offers more than 100 courses and the value during the winter months is unmatched. If you are unable to sneak away for a quick winter trip, the time to begin planning your spring Myrtle Beach golf vacation is now.

The place to start planning is a Quick Quote, a free estimate on the cost of your next trip. You can receive as many or few Quick Quotes as you like, but this much is guaranteed: your estimate will come from one of the area’s premier golf package providers.

All you have to provide are your dates of travel and number of players in your group. Any additional information such as courses you would like to play and a possible budget are helpful but certainly not required.

You will get responses within 48 hours of submitting a Quick Quote.

Enjoy the holidays, and we hope the gift of Myrtle Beach golf is under your tree!