Tip Tuesday: Achieving Four-Way Balance

Sean “The Beast” Fister of the Dustin Johnson Golf School at TPC Myrtle Beach in Murrells Inlet, S.C., is back with another swing tip! This time, he’s discussing the importance of swing balance – not just from side to side, but also from front to back. Achieving an athletic position is crucial, and Sean’s here to show you how!



Sean Fister:
Hi, I’m Sean “The Beast” Fister at the Dustin Johnson Golf School. I want to talk to you about balance. Balancing the golf swing is so important. If you don’t have good balance, you will not be consistent and you can’t deliver the golf club and the face on a consistent basis into the ball. This is very important for ball striking. Most people when they think about balance, automatically they think about balance, right foot, left foot and shifting your weight and stuff. But one thing that’s just as important is your four-way balance, your balanced this way, but also this way, front and back.

If you ever see people hit a golf ball, they swing through and they step back like that. That’s too much weight on your heels. Then on the other side of it, they swing through it and they pull out like this. That’s too much weight on your toes. You have to get in an athletic position. Think like a shortstop. You’re in a position to go any direction, right, left, back, forward. You’re right there, ready to go. That’s the position you want to be in. That’s four-way balance. You want perfect balance when you’re hitting a golf ball. So get set up and then just kind of settle into your soles of your feet. Slightly bent knees, just get set right in there. You’ve got perfect balance. Then you can swing just like that, right down the gut!