Tip Tuesday: A Great Drill for Achieving the Proper Takeaway

The biggest takeaway you’ll get from this video tip is the best takeaway! Learn from Scott Tanguay of the Coastal Golf Academy in Myrtle Beach, S.C. as he demonstrates a practice drill that will help you perfect your backswing.



Scott Tanguay:

Hey guys. Scott Tanguay here with the Coastal Golf Academy. Today we’re going to talk about your takeaway, the very beginning of the swing, very important, position two, P2, we call it.

What you’re going to want to see is the club should be in line with the hands with the face square. We don’t want to see the face rolled out over here where it’s stuck behind you and open. We don’t want to see it way out in front of you either. Let’s give you a great drill to work on that.

So you’re here, you get set up on the ball normally. You’re going to take it to about there and stop. Take a look at it, then turn to the top and hit all in one motion. Looks like this.

Give that a try!