Tip Tuesday: A Stretch to Help with Swing Extension

In the latest of their video series on extension, Classic Swing Golf School‘s Stefany King Miller is here to demonstrate a simple stretch that will help with both your takeaway and follow through.



Stefany King Miller:

Hey guys. This is Stefany from the Classic Swing Golf School, giving you a little stretch today, working on the extension as well just like Ted was saying.

So here’s a great stretch for you. I want you to put your left hand out in front of you and put the right hand under the left hand. Now, how it’s going to work is we’re going to talk about extension in the back swing and the follow through. So once we get into our position here, get into your golf posture, what we’re going to do is when we take the golf club, or when we’re thinking about taking a golf club back, I’m going to feel like my right hand is pushing on my left hand to create width in the takeaway, and then we’ll keep turning and think about the back swing.

So I want to make sure everyone in their back swing has good width in the back swing because if you think about a golf club in your hand, I don’t want to take the golf club very narrow back and at the top. So this is really going to help the width in the back swing. Then if I continue in my downswing, I want to still continue with that width coming through with the extension in my arms. Check it out!