USGA Rules Changes: Which Ones Matter Most to Your Myrtle Beach Golf Experience

Over the years, critics of golf’s governing bodies have chided them for being years behind on rules changes. Well, in 2019, golf’s governing bodies – the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the R&A – finally decided to do something about it.

You can see a complete overview of the changes to the Rules of Golf here. And in anticipation of your next Myrtle Beach golf trip, you already know up front that some of these changes may not mean much to you as it relates to how you enjoy your vacation golf experience. But some of the other rules changes might.

Next time you come to Myrtle Beach and you’re competing with your buddies, make sure you are well-read on these three rules changes in particular:

  1. No penalty for putting with the flag stick in the hole. This is probably the rule that is making the biggest splash out of all them. Most of you probably won’t be playing with Bryson DeChambeau any time soon, but you might have that one foursome mate who insists on putting with the flag stick in the hole. Remember that this is not only legal in today’s game now, but the move can be beneficial in certain spots on the Grand Strand’s greens. If, for instance, you’re playing at Arrowhead Country Club, you could be left with some ticklish putts from above the hole. You could leave the pin in; even on a put that lips out, it could keep your ball from rolling 10 feet further away.
  2. Tapping down spike marks on the green. This one might not affect your friendly match, but if a wager is on the line it could very well come into play. Say one of your friends is a bit heavy-footed and keeps dragging his feet in your line. No worries: you can now tap down the marks his cleats leave.
  3. Grounding your club in a “penalty area.” A lot of Myrtle Beach golf courses have all sorts of hazards on them. From all of the waste bunkers at The Dye Course at Barefoot Resort to the marshland area at Tidewater Golf Club, there are enough to present trouble if you stray too far from the fairway. With the new rules however, you will now be able to ground your club in these areas. This will help golfers make better contact with the ball, particularly if they are playing from the marshland.

If you’re serious about competition, even in a round on your next Myrtle Beach golf trip, you will want to make sure your buddies play by these rules. For more information on the rules changes click here. To see what spring package fits you best, click here!