Current Conditions: Arrowhead, Eagle Nest

Arrowhead Country Club and Eagle Nest Golf Club are two of 19 Grand Strand-area designs that are “Going Green” with wall-to-wall overseeding of their courses for the winter and early spring months. Hear from Arrowhead’s Jake Benton and Jim Kane on what customers have come to expect from their courses over the past several years as they have implemented this practice.



Jake Benton:
Yeah, the owners here believe that (providing green golf courses) is a huge key. People coming from up north or wherever they may be, the grass is brown and they’re seeing snow, and when you get here you see completely green grass and it’s just pretty much glowing green, especially in March, and April and May. And I think people really enjoy seeing that, and our owners believe that as well.

We’d love to see you come spring. Like I said, March, April, May, even February, the course is going to be in great shape. In those months, the overseed looks the best out of any (other months), it really does glow that time of year because the bermudagrass is coming in, too. And yeah, those months, it really does look beautiful out here. So come see us. We’d love to have you.

Jim Kane:
So for about the last 10 years, we choose to go wall to wall with our overseed. As the weather gets a little bit cooler here at the beach, the bermudagrass does go dormant. So we overseed the fairways, tees, and rough with a ryegrass and our greens with a poa trivialis.

Folks are really, really excited to see green conditions throughout the year, not only during the summer months when it’s really warm down here, but during the fall, winter, and spring. Year-round, we’re always offering the same top-notch turf conditions that people come to expect with Eagle Nest Golf Club.