Golf Tip from Paige Spiranac: Adjusting Thumb Position on Your Grip

Paige Spiranac got a simple tip recently from PGA TOUR player Jason Kokrak, and she wants to share it with you! It involves your thumb position on the grip, and how a quick adjustment in thumb placement can make a big difference in your shot control.



Hey everyone. It’s Paige, hear in Myrtle Beach today and I’m going to show you a very simple, easy grip tip that’s going to keep you from hooking the golf ball.

So I was playing a Wednesday pro-am and my pro that day was Jason Kokrak, and he saw that I was missing them left and I couldn’t figure it out. And he said, “Your swing is great. Everything’s great. But there’s one small little grip change that I’m going to give you that’s going to change everything.” And it did, so I’m happy that I listened to him (Thank you, Jason!).

So when I was gripping it, I had my thumb straight down the shaft and I had a lot of tension in it. And when I had that tension, I was turning my hand over and getting really quick with it, and so that’s why I was hooking it. So what he said is just move your thumb over to the side of the grip. And that way it takes that hand motion out of it and so you feel more connected with your grip and you don’t feel as handsy. So if you are hooking the ball and you can’t seem to stop and you’ve tried everything, just check your grip.

And so if your thumb is straight down, just move it off to the side and you should be good to go. It’s one small, easy, simple step that’s going to help you stop hooking the ball: just move your thumb to the left side, and you are good to go.

I hope you guys try this out. It’s very simple and easy and it should work for everyone. So if you are hooking it, try this out and if you see Jason out there on the course, tell him, thanks for this life-changing grip tip!