A Clearly Canadian Feel to This International Visit: “Breaking Par with Charlie Rymer” Episode 59

In the latest stop of his “Breaking Par” journey, Charlie’s taking on the par-4 8th hole at International Club of Myrtle Beach. Fittingly for this locale, plenty of Canadian friends are hanging around “The Big Timer” to see if he’ll put a birdie on the scorecard!




Cancer knocked me down, but not out. Now, I’m cancer free. The recovery? It’s been tough. I’ll need patience, a lot of humor …

(I don’t even have a writer!)

… And support from friends and family. Over the last two years, I haven’t played much golf, but there’s no better place to get back in the game than on 66 courses in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We’re keeping score, but just teeing it up means I’ve already won!

(I’m gonna show you all the best par you’ve ever seen after that one!)

Join me on my journey to break par!

As birdie chances go, this par four at International Club is gettable. Hole number eight lets you challenge the bunker near the landing area, and if you clear it, you got to wedge into a pretty open and receptive green. I’m feeling pretty good today. I like our chances. Let’s make this thing work!

Hey everybody. Charlie Rymer here. International man of mystery. I’m in an international mood today, because I’m here in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina at the International Club. Murrells Inlet, by the way, is a really awesome spot. We’re just a couple of miles from some of the best seafood on the entire planet. Go over to the MarshWalk. They got live music, cold beverages, great food. I love it here. This is my home neighborhood. We’re on the south end of Myrtle Beach, and International Club, what a really cool golf course. It’s a bit of a hidden gem. The locals really love it because it’s known for having some of the fastest greens on the entire Grand Strand.

We’re out on the par-four eighth. I’m going to hit it at the pole in the middle of the fairway there with got a little stripe on it. That’s a 150 pole, and we’ll go around the corner here. Really cool hole. Maybe I can pull off this draw right here. Hit that pole. I pushed it like six inches. International man of mystery.

Yeah, folks are always wondering when they come here from out of town, “Where do the locals play? What are some of the local secrets?” All right, I’m going to tell you a couple local secrets. They got really good greens at International Club. They got really good fried shrimp. It rustles in Murrells Inlet. And don’t forget about the Inlet Crab House. That’s a good one, too. That’s all the local secrets you’re going to get from me. I think I hit this pole.

Fifteen feet from the pole. All right, let me point something out here. This is the pole I was aiming at. This is my ball. I’m just saying. All right, we got a little over 150, pin’s in the back. Now let’s carve a little eight iron up there. Turn over [inaudible 00:03:17]. That I had hung a little bit, but we’re putting. Got some friends up here on the green I’m going to introduce you to.

We really love our Canadian friends here in Myrtle Beach. Most of the time, they don’t show up till February, and they go swimming in the ocean. But our feathered Canadian friends, they’re headed south right now, and they’ll be gone about two weeks before Thanksgiving. They’re smart like that, because they know if we have a turkey shortage, might not be a good deal for them. There’s some that are still airborne, man. They’re beautiful and majestic. If I were their size, I’d be scared of something my size. They’re beautiful, we just don’t like what they leave behind. They’ve been all over this green this morning.

All right, let me see if I can impress my gallery over there. Look at them. They’re not the least bit interested in me. Hey guys, this way. You got to look this way. They’re clearly not Charlie Rymer fans. Did you guys see that? I almost made it. Better clean this one up. There we go. Normally, international men of mystery like me are trying to make birdies and eagles and all that sort of stuff, but I got distracted by my Canadian friends, so I’ll have to settle for par here at International Club.

Canadian geese, they just don’t know greatness when they see it. Still a good par there, though. Let’s head up the road to check out a Dye family design that’s got plenty of adventure in store for us!

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