Paige’s Tip: How to Use Your Legs in the Golf Swing

In this video tip, Paige Spiranac shows us how she uses her legs to generate power in her golf swing. Check it out, and see how her technique can help you!



Today we’re going to talk about how to use your legs in the golf swing. There are a couple ways to go about this at different theories, but this is something that has worked for me and I’ve always done it.

I always feel like I’ve had a very athletic swing. If you’ve seen my swing you’ve noticed that I really use my legs throughout the entire swing. I’ve always done this, but with my pro we’ve done a couple things to really ensure that I use the most that I can to get the most power out of my swing.

You set up and when I’m back here I turn back. The first thing I think of is this knee kind of coming forward and out so I have almost like a squat. It’s almost like you’re sitting down and I feel my feet pushing into the ground. I feel really stable over the ball. I see a lot of people kind of jumping up on it which makes you come up and through it, and so for me I bring this leg forward, I squat and I push my legs into the ground. When I rotate I feel like someone’s pushing this hip and pulling this one through it.

It’s kind of like this push and pull, so squat, push and pull. When I’m doing drills to make sure I’m using my legs the right way, I’ll do half shots. I come here and I squat and I’ll do a couple pumps just to make sure I’m getting that, and then I pull forward.

This is a tough drill for me. Full disclosure, I’ve never really hit a solid one doing this. Don’t feel like you have to hit it really solid because it is difficult to come in not in a full swing. You’re kind of stopping it and then going. Don’t be hard on yourself when you’re trying this, as well as all drills too. Drills are to make you better, so be really patient with them and don’t expect that the drill will help you (on the very) next swing. It might take a few swings. It might take a couple weeks, but just know that you’re working on the right stuff and be patient.

When I do this drill, come up, so when I hit it solid and I’m doing that drill I feel very powerful. I think that’s what everyone wants. You’re using the ground to help you hit the golf ball. I’ll do it again.

Also for me, this helps with my timing a lot. I have very fast hips and so if I don’t do the squat you’ll see my leg kind of come back and in this way, and I get behind the golf ball and I get really fast with it so my hips will fly and I’ll get stuck behind it and that’s where I have those pushes or I’ll try to save it and hook it. This is great for timing, and so if you have any issues with timing as well you have time to feel that leg kind of move out and drop. You feel your feet pushing into the ground and it really slows you down.

Do one more. It’s as simple as that, so I hope this drill helps you out!

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