VIDEO: Rivers Edge Clubhouse Gets a 2023 Facelift

Arnold Palmer’s North Strand signature design at Rivers Edge Golf Club has always been a popular draw for its combination of playing challenge and breathtaking beauty. Now, guests have more reason to stick around before and after they tee it up here as its clubhouse has completed a much-anticipated renovation. Hear from Rivers Edge Director of Operations Jason Monahan as he walks us through the updates that now offer a fresh, new look!




Jason Monahan:

We want to provide the customer with a nice, coastal atmosphere to complement our location here in wonderful Brunswick County. But when you arrive on site and you enter the clubhouse, now you’re going to see whole new brand-new floors throughout the entire building. We’ve gone ahead and repainted. We’ve done renovations to the Double Eagle Grill to make the flow and the atmosphere more welcoming. We’ve done some upgrades within the restrooms. We’ve done a lot. You’d have to come out and see it to capture it all.

You go outside from the interior and you walk around the clubhouse. We’ve wrapped around the entire clubhouse with all brand-new vinyl railing, really to complement the location we sit and the weather elements that we have here.

As we come in each day, it’s still breathtaking how beautiful and how everything looks. It’s a lot more of a home-like feeling. Customers are really enjoying it, and we’re seeing that in the amount of time that they spend here with us.

That coastal vibe is what we were aiming for, and how could you not? Here in Brunswick County, we have the Shallotte River setting the backdrop. That’s such a welcoming, peaceful place to be. If we can take that and offer a little bit of our local satisfaction to folks coming to visit, and even to the folks that live here that get to enjoy it every day … the more we can spread that peace and joy, we’re happy to do so.